South Carolina Unveils New State Flag

The night they went down on Old Dixie
By Hugh Grant | 2015.08.06

In a surprising development out of South Carolina, state lawmakers voted to approve a new state flag. In an ironic twist, the new design embraces both gay pride and the state's dedication to southern pride. It has been dubbed the "Pride Flag" by the designer, Jessup Jessupton. The LBGT community is applauding the move, while others are not so happy.

"The blue colors in the flag really clash," said Nathan Bresensplat, a graphic designer from NYC. He was unhappy that a more original design was not pursued. "I understand that it's a pride flag, but you also have to take pride in your work and your designs, and I really feel like this was a weak attempt."

Well, I guess you just can't please everyone. There will be a flag raising ceremony at the beginning of next month to commemorate the new flag.