John Kerry Projected To Win 2014 Presidential Election

Independent voters help Kerry carry Iowa
By Chad Taylor | 2014.11.04

After a crushing defeat in 2000, John Kerry is on his way to a resounding victory in the 2014 Presidential Election. Exit polls have shown the former Massachusetts senator ahead by more than twenty percent in most districts. Many political pundits are giving credit for the victory to Kerry's campaign strategy team.

By focusing their campaign on a year in which there was no election, Kerry was all but assured the election victory. Polls are yet to close in a number of precincts, but Kerry is expected to give his victory speech during the primetime hour.

President-Elect John Kerry will have a difficult road ahead. With the Senate potentially falling into Republican hands, he will need to reach across the aisle to get his agendas and bills through Congress and signed into law. However, he will likely draw upon his experience as Secretary of State to help get Republicans and Democrats to work together and overcome the gridlock that has stalled almost all progress over the last four years.