Hillary Clinton Confirms: "Yes, I'm running!"

Chelsea will be her running mate
By Rosie Ruiz | 2014.10.04

It has been years of "will she or won't she" on whether or not Hillary Clinton will be running in 2016. The question has been the topic of many political talk shows on TV and radio, and has pretty much dominated all forms of media. Early Saturday morning, Hillary cleared up the matter very simply by saying, "Yes, I'm running!"

The answer came when a journalist was asking about the former First Lady and Senator's exercise routines. After listing off aerobics, yoga, P90X, and running, Hillary's eyes lit up. "Yes, I'm running! Chelsea is going to be my running mate now that she has had her baby. We'll probably bring Charlotte along with us for our runs."

Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton, was well known for his running routines during his time in the White House. Now, it looks like the country will not even need to wait until 2016, as it sounds as though Hillary has already started running. The media is sure to start non-stop coverage, including following her running schedules and routes.