Donald Trump Cries On Shoulder Of Woman After Press Conference

The media was mean to him.
By Greg Donaldson | 2016.12.27

The media hurt President Trump's feelings so badly after Thursday's press conference, that he sought to be consoled from the nearest woman's shoulder. This came after reporters from multiple news organizations asked questions that were difficult to answer, and before he had a chance to take his nap-nap.

Emotions have been running high for Donald Trump over the last two months. After losing the popular vote in the 2016 US Presidential Election, the new administration has been hit with a series of damaging links that are undermining the credibility of his leadership.

It has also been discussed in the senior levels of government leadership that maybe tensions are running high due to the fact that the President has not yet been fully weened off of his binky. We all know how babies get when they don't have their binky for comfort.