Democrats Propose Bill Requiring Stool Samples For Gun Purchases

Republicans outraged at requirement
By Bill Longhorn | 2014.08.17

Yet another gun control proposal was put forth by Democrats over the weekend. This time, they are suggesting that the best way to curb gun violence is for potential gun purchasers to submit a stool sample for lab analysis. Republicans were up in arms when the news was first announced.

Democrat leaders cited recent scientific studies as the reason behind the proposed law. The University of Kensington at Bailey published a paper early last month which theorized that the early stages of mental illness could be detected through the analysis of human stool. The study has not been corroborated by clinical trials, and some other members of the scientific community have discredited the research.

Jerry Paxton, an NRA member from Houston, said, "They won't stop until they take away our guns. This is just another tactic to get rid of the consitution!" His concerns are likely shared by many other law abiding gun owners who feel that their rights are being slowly eroded.

Republican lawmakers are expected to create a strong opposition to the bill. They are asking that citizens contact their local representatives and voice their opposition to stool samples as a requirement for gun purchases. Find your local representative's contact information here, and tell them that you oppose the stool sample gun legislation.