Tom Brady Released By The New England Patriots

Roster move clears salary cap space to sign an elite receiver
By Juliet Crenell | 2014.09.30

New England Patriots fans were screaming for blood on Tuesday morning, after an ugly loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football. New England's 14-41 defeat was punctuated by a terrible performance by future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. Some radio and TV personalities were quick to dissect Brady's poor decision making during the game, while others were quick to point out that his lack of offensive weapons are to blame for the loss, and ultimately for the slow start to the season by the Patriots as a team.

Some of the more outlandish suggestions by fans and reporters included benching Brady for the October 5th start against the Cincinnati Bengals. The very small group of fans calling for the move believe that Brady is beyond his years as an elite quarterback, and that his skills are declining rapidly. In an effort to quiet the critics, the New England Patriots made the decision to clear salary cap space room in order to sign a superstar receiver for the quarterback to target. As a result, the Patriots released Tom Brady on Tuesday night, with no official press release or statement to the media.

Rumors are swirling that Brady may end up retiring rather than learn a new offensive system at this stage of his career. In that scenario, it is very likely that he could transition to a sports analyst role at ESPN or CBS. Tom Brady has been unavailable to the media, but is likely to release a statement through his agent.