Goodell Extends Brady Suspension To 8 Games

Brady "generally aware" of failing to reach settlement
By Dee Snuts | 2015.08.22

In breaking news out of New York, it appears as though Roger Goodell will be extending the suspension of NFL star quarterback Tom Brady to a total of eight games on the grounds of being "generally aware" of a failure reach a legal settlement with the league. Brady was initially suspended for four games for also being "generally aware" of alleged tampering with the air pressure of footballs during last year's AFC Championship game.

Goodell has a mixed record of discipline in the National Football league, and if it is true, this latest move is yet another questionable move to try to assert his authority in the league. Also about to be levied is a two game suspension of Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck, for failing to courtesy flush in a league office bathroom.

The league could not be reached for comment on either matter.