DCI To Allow Saxophones Next Season

Move turns drum and bugle corps world on its head
By Jeanine Flagson | 2014.08.10

In what will surely come as a head-scratcher to almost everyone, Drum Corps International has taken the bold step of allowing saxophones into competition next season. The move was announced shortly after the DCI World Championships finale, but will likely have people talking and voicing their opinion far beyond the end of tonight's celebrations and long into the winter.

"I can't believe this is happening," said one drum corps member who chose to remain anonymous. "If this doesn't get overturned by the start of next season, I'm not marching. End of story." That sentiment is likely to be shared by the majority of the corps members. However, speculation seems to indicate that dwindling interest in DCI may be behind the move.

Historically, only brass and percussion instruments have been allowed. However, recent rule changes also made allowances to horns pitched outside of the key of G, and a later rule change gave the okay to the entire brass family. Now, with saxophones being brought into the fold, many fear that this rule change will open the door to other woodwind instruments being allowed into competition.

DCI officials could not be reached for comment.