Adrian Peterson Disciplined By Coach With 'Switch' After Fumbling In Practice

Coach says he is not a player abuser
By Lisa Taggart | 2014.09.16

It has only been a few days since Adrian Peterson was reactivated to the roster by the Minnesota Vikings. He was benched during week 2 of the NFL season after news of his indictment on charges of negligent injury to a child. The star running back is back in the news today after an incident that took place today during today's Vikings practice.

Witnesses say that during a routine offensive drill, Peterson fumbled the ball in an area where there were no nearby defenders. A furious coach, offensive coordinator Norv Turner, stormed onto the field and got into Peterson's face. Things became extremely heated between the two, at which point Turner made Peterson retrieve a branch from a nearby tree. The coach then removed the leaves and began hitting Adrian Peterson's behind with the switch. When he objected, the Turner shoved the leaves into Peterson's mouth and told him to shut up.

"Listen, I'm not a player abuser," the Norv Turner said. "But these players need to know that there are consequences for poor performance. I don't care who he is, he's got to hold onto the ball."

Peterson declined to talk to the press after practice, but he was clearly upset, and visibly hurt from from incident. As he left the locker room, he could be heard says, "I'm a grown man. You don't treat a grown man like that."

At this point, it is unclear if Norv Turner will face any discipline by the Minnesota Vikings or the NFL from the altercation. The NFL Players Association is likely to put some pressure on Roger Goodell to suspend Turner. Goodell may have no choice but to acquiesce to NFLPA demands.