Uber And Lyft Drivers To Compete In Demolition Derby

There can be only one
By Shawna Connery | 2014.08.19

In recent months, the rivalry between the rideshare and taxi startups Lyft and Uber has escalated significantly. Each of the companies' drivers have accused each other of tampering and other shenanigans that essentially amount to sabotage. The media has been quick to notice, and has reported numerous instances of Lyft drivers and employees ordering Uber rides, and then canceling them. Lyft denies the rumors, and has accused Uber of doing the same.

All of the drama took an interesting turn with the public relations teams of both companies announced that their respective drivers would be competing in an all out, winner takes all demolition derby to settle the feud. "There can be only one," said one Uber driver. "I have been an UberX driver for the last three months, and all my training and experience has been leading up to this."

Fans of the two tech companies are eager for tickets to go on sale, and event promoters are expecting a Super Bowl type atmosphere for the event. "Yeah, the tickets are going to be tough to get," said Finch McGuffin, an event organizer and San Francisco native. "We expect a sold-out event."

During the event, Uber prices are expected to spike, due to the algorithm that calculates the amount of people requesting rides against the number of available drivers. This comes at a time when the company is already under scrutiny for its pricing practices. City mayors across the country are using the opportunity to remind their citizens of the public transportation and taxi systems already in place.

The event is expected to be available on Pay-Per-View for interested parties who are unable to get tickets to see the demolition derby live and in-person.