Facebook Testing 'Propaganda' Tag on Fox and CNN Posts

Doesn't want people to be confused
By Miranda Hutchinson | 2014.08.18

Facebook upset many of its users this week when it was revealed that news articles from sites like Fox News and CNN would be labelled with a 'propaganda' tag when they are brought back to the News Feed and shown similar posts. A Facebook representative indicated that the test is running for a small number of users, and was initiated because of feedback that it was too difficult to distinguish real news from fabricated articles disseminated by the government and major media outlets with an interest in controlling public opinion.

The News Feed experiment has been in place for about a month, but not all Facebook users are happy about the tweaking. "I don't want to know if what I'm reading is disinformation," said one CNN reader. "I want to believe the stories and feel better about my life," he continued.

The number of Facebook users that have been duped by CNN and Fox headlines is unknown, but it is unclear at this time if the new story labels will make any difference at all. "People will believe what they want to believe," said Marsha Bradford, a recent journalism graduate. "Who are we to pull back a curtain that they aren't ready to look behind."

Well said, Marsha. Well said.