Apple To Announce iPhone 7 At Event Next Week

Packed with amazing new features
By Roger Moore | 2014.09.21

It has only been a few short days since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have started shipping into the hands of customers, but Apple is already planning to announce a new upgrade. At an Apple event in Cupertino next Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook is expected to reveal the latest and greatest version of their flagship product, the iPhone 7. Historically, there has usually been at least one year between iPhone releases.

The product announcement has caught many in the tech industry off-guard, including Apple rivals Samsung and Google. Millions of dollars have already been spent in marketing campaigns to bash the iPhone 6, but now those commercials are already obsolete. With very few details confirmed on what the new phone will have for features, it will be difficult for the iPhone competitors to have their marketing spin machine ramped up in time for the release of the new phone from Apple.

Nothing is confirmed for sure at this point, but some details on the new phone have leaked to the press:

• 13 megapixel camera
• optical zoom lens
• waterproof exterior
• 256GB storage option
• integration with future Apple TV

There is definitely a buzz surrounding the iPhone 7, as experts expect it will include a lot of the features that were left out of the iPhone 6, but not everyone is happy. Many of the customers who pre-ordered the new iPhone models have yet to receive them yet, and they are about to be outdated products, despite being brand new. Even more upsetting is that the iPhone 7 is not expected to be available for purchase until after the majority of the iPhone 6 users will be outside of their return policy. This leaves iPhone 6 customers in a difficult situation of deciding whether to return their phone now and continue using their old device for a few more months, or they come to terms with the fact that they may not have the newest iPhone.

We will release new details as they become available.