This Amazing Cow Learned To Speak English

Stunning discovery could change animal studies forever
By Peter Peterson | 2014.08.09

Most scientists are well aware of the capabilities of cows. Their unique digestive systems have been an often-studied wonder of animal biologists all over the world. But for one cattle ranch owner, a chance discovery of one cow's unique talent is sure to change the course of cow science for years to come.

"I always sing to my cows," explained ranch owner Austin Houston. "Looking back, maybe that's where she learned it from. Anyways, I was getting ready to milk her when she said, 'Don't let them eat me.' I thought was I was going crazy. Then I thought someone was playing a trick on me."

But the thing is, no one was playing a trick on Houston. Somehow, by defying all scientific cow research, Betsy the cow was not only able to learn the words, but speak them. It is not uncommon for parrots to mimic the speech of humans, but it is widely believed that they do not have any understanding of the words they are sounding out. That does not seem to have been the case with Betsy.

Unfortunately, scientists were unable run any tests on Betsy. Houston led Betsy to slaughter just weeks before a team was scheduled to make the trip to the ranch. "I'm a poor cattle rancher. I had already made a deal to sell that cow, talking or no talking," said Houston. "A cow's job is to make milk for us to drink and hamburgers for us to eat. Ain't nuthin' more to it. Leave the talking to us humans."

The loss of Betsy dealt a huge blow to the scientific community. Eager to unlock the key to animal communication, they will have to sit in waiting until the next speaking animal surfaces.