Pope Francis To Recognize Arthur T. Demoulas As First Living Saint

Unprecedented action by Pope emboldens Market Basket Employees
By Sully Sullivan | 2014.07.27

Market Basket employees have been taking their message to the company headquarters, store parking lots, and social media. Their solidarity has raised eyebrows in the local news, the national news, and now at the Vatican. Pope Francis, often referred to as the Pope of the Poor, has reinforced his own reputation of taking on social issues by confirming the popular Market Basket ex-CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas, as the first living saint.

The news sent shockwaves through the Catholic Church, with some praising the move, and others questioning whether the action was appropriate. The Pope justified his decision by bringing attention to what he is considering to be the greatest miracle of all. Speaking candidly, the Pope said, "Because of the protests, for the first time, I was actually able to get a God damn parking spot in the Market Basket parking lot. I mean, Jesus Christ, it's usually a mad scene." The statement by Pope Francis led to unanimous agreement from anyone who has ever been to a Market Basket.

With the new developments emerging from Rome, the new Market Basket leaders were dealt another crushing blow after weeks of employee protests. Despite the new Market Basket official website launching, sales have plunged over 90%, due to boycotts and protests. Produce and meat sections remain un-stocked, and the aisles remain empty.

Despite the woes of the Market Basket executives, the employees rejoiced in the news. Many of them made new signs referencing the new status of their business martyr. "Heal Us St. Artie" read one sign. "Miracles DO happen" read another.

At this point, no one can guess how this local saga will end, but it certainly seems like God is on the side of Arthur T. and the Market Basket employees.