Massachusetts Lawmakers Propose Ban On Snowstorms

Potential jail time for any violoations
By Tom Thompson | 2014.02.10

Massachusetts residents have been getting pounded with snowstorm after snowstorm over the last three weeks. Storms have dropped almost six feet of snow in parts of the state recently, leaving many Bostonians reeling from the endless barrage from mother nature. Many lawmakers from the state have been receiving angry phone calls from their constituents, demanding that they put an end to the snow.

With many state representatives worried about keeping their seats in the next election, a coalition of Democrats and Republicans have proposed a drastic measure. The bi-partisan group is planning on introducing a bill that would make it illegal for any more snow to fall within the state. The proposed law has overwhelming support from many communities, many of whom have already exhausted their snow plowing and snow removal budgets for the entire year.

However, not everyone is happy about the proposal. Some cities fear that the ban will create a black market for snow storms, resulting in elevated levels of crime while fundamentally failing to truly eradicate all snow from the state. Debates will take place in the legislature before a vote is taken on the measure in July.