Dr. Oz Touts Health Benefits Of Invisible Strawberries

He does not officially endorse the unseen fruit
By Jack Beanstone | 2014.07.30

Dr. Oz has been under considerable fire in the press lately over his "non-endorsements" of supplements on his TV show, "The Dr. Oz Show." To make matters worse, Dr. Oz was questioned on Capitol Hill over the weight-loss claims he has made in relation to those supplements.

However, the great doctor silenced his critics this week as he unveiled his new, all natural tip for shedding pounds: invisible strawberries. He revealed the unseen fruit to thunderous applause from his live audience members, and his eyes seemed to well up with tears of pride as he shouted, "Dr. Oz is back on top!" The all-natural diet tip is likely to rejuvenate the doctor's career and will likely be the first step in a long process to repair his image.

As if that electrically charged moment in time was not enough, Oz then invited audience members on-stage to sample the miracle fruit. One guest was so thrilled that she threw her arms around Dr. Oz and grabbed a strawberry for herself, and one for her teenage daughter back in the audience.

Time will tell if Mehmet Oz can continue to showcase these dazzling diet tips, but right now, his star is shining bright once again. The next time you have a chance, do your body a favor and try an invisible strawberry, and then thank Dr. Oz.