Color Shifting Dress Exposed As Hoax

Animated GIF used to deceive millions
By Rebecca Watson | 2015.02.27

The Internet was buzzing last night over a black and blue dress that appeared to be white and gold to a number of people. Family arguments erupted across the world as people debated the true color of the dress in the picture. Well, it turns out the whole thing was just one big, elaborate hoax.

The picture Roman Women's Lace Detail Bodycon Dress even had some people thinking that they could see both versions of the dress, causing some distress among people by thinking they had gone crazy. It turns out that the original website that posted the story was using an animated GIF image (the type often used in web page ads for animations). The image was timed to show white and gold for a lengthy period of time, and then switched over to the black and blue version.

It may have fooled a large number of readers online, but some savvy web designers noted that it the phenomenon was unlikely to have a reasonable explanation. Upon taking a closer look at the image, they uncovered the true source of the optical illusion.

Sorry, Internet! Magic dresses do not exist.

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