Taylor Swift Pulls All Music From iTunes

Baffling move follows removal of her catalog from Spotify
By Shakidov Winova | 2014.11.23

Fresh off of the removal of her catalog from the music streaming service, Spotify, Taylor Swift made another bold move this weekend. She has taken the unprecedented step of removing all of her albums from the Apple's iTunes service. In today's music industry, that move could be akin to career suicide. However, Taylor plans to take that criticism and "shake it off" as she redefines what the thinks a pop star should be doing to sell music.

All Taylor Swift albums were removed from Spotify recently in the latest shot across the bow of music streaming services. Historically, streaming audio services pay extremely low royalties to artists and bands. On top of that, once record companies and agents take their cut, there is typically little money left over for the artists themselves.

However, despite the widely supported notion that Spotify, Pandora, Beats Music, and other streaming services are hurting artists, it is unlikely that anyone is going to understand Taylor Swift's decision to take her music down from iTunes. Apple pays a fairly generous royalty to artists for music downloads from their service. In addition iTunes has become a make-or-break store for most bands and stars of the music industry. Most avid music listeners feel that if you're not on iTunes, you're not work listening to.

So where can Taylor Swift fans buy her music moving forward? According to her website, fans will be able to download vinyl copies of her album, as well as purchase Taylor Swift record players to accompany the vinyl. Rumors are circulating that there are also plans to release her albums next year on 8-track.