Disney pulls new Star Wars movie from theaters due to lack of interest

Underwhelming ticket pre-orders to blame
By Bob Afett | 2015.12.17

It seems as though The Force is not with the latest movie in the Star Wars franchise after all. Late Thursday night, Disney decided it was best to pull The Force Awakens out of theaters across the globe. The exact reason is not yet known, but it is believed to be tied to underwhelming movie ticket pre-orders leading up to the scheduled release of the movie on December 18th.

News outlets widely reported that Disney paid in the area of four billion dollars for the entire Star Wars franchise and the rights to all related intellectual property. If indeed the Episode 7 film does not see the light of day, it would be hard to believe Disney could recoup the lost investment. Some analysts believe that the marketing department may have overspent on ad campaigns for the film to try to drum up waining interest in the nearly forty year old franchise.

It is unknown at this time if theaters will offer a refund on purchased tickets. Disney could not be reached for comment.