Kanye/McCartney Song Contains More "Paul Is Dead" Clues

Billy Shears Rides Again
By Rita Mustard | 2015.01.11

The collaboration by Paul McCartney and Kanye West made some big headlines last week, on the charts and on Twitter. With some Twitter accounts joking that they did not know who Paul McCartney was, there was some initial outrage from the "kids these days" crowd, mainly Beatles fans. That initial wave of interest and intrigue may have died down, but that may not be the last we hear about the song "Only One."

Some "Paul Is Dead" conspiracy theorists have analyzed the new track, and believe that there may have been some new clues purposely included in the song that back up the belief that the real Paul McCartney died in the mid 1960's. The myth states that McCartney was replaced by a man named William Campbell, and The Beatles carried on with him as a stand-in. The newest smoking gun? They say the title of the track, "Only One," is a reference to the fact that if Paul McCartney were actually dead, there would only be one Beatle left… Ringo Starr.

The theorists also seem to think that the line "one day you'll understand…" is a hint that one day, Beatles fans will come to understand that the real Paul McCartney died long ago, but that they will also understand why the decision was made to replace him with an impostor. The song also uses the words "chosen one" which could be a reference to William Campbell himself, as he was chosen to replace Paul McCartney.

No one is expecting and official comment from McCartney on the issue, but the continued clues within his music would seem to indicate that he is indeed still trying to explain to Beatles fans that he is an impostor, or he is continuing to get amusement out of an inside joke between him and the other Beatles.