Dr. Dre Planning Surprise "Detox" Announcement At MTV VMAs Tonight

Album to finally be released at midnight
By Romeo Young | 2014.08.24

Fans of Dr. Dre have been waiting patiently for the follow up to the amazingly successful "2001" album released in 1999. Work on the "Detox" album started as far back as 2001, and various tracks have leaked from the yet unreleased album, including the song Under Pressure, featuring Jay-Z. Two singles from the album were also officially released in 2010 and 2011.

However, after roughly 13 years, it looks like the time for waiting is over. Sources close to the MTV Video Music Awards are indicating that Dr. Dre is planning a major announcement during the broadcast, which will reveal that the album is set to go on sale at midnight tonight through all of the major digital music stores. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the sources also explained that one of the songs from the album would be performed on-stage during the awards show.

It has been a whirlwind year for Dr. Dre, who received a huge payout from Apple's acquisition of Beats for close to $2.6 billion. The purchase of the company that Dre co-founded is rumored to have made him a billionaire. It is speculated that the timing of the album release was coordinated to capitalize on the recent publicity surrounding the purchase of Beats.

As for the album itself, "Detox" has not been without its own controversy and speculation. The on-again off-again production status caused many fans and contributors to the album to become frustrated with the lengthy and drawn-out creation of the rap maestro. This led to many collaborators on the album to claim that perhaps Dr. Dre's investment and business interests were getting in the way of his music. Many fans and critics also compared "Detox" to the long awaited album "Chinese Democracy" by Guns N' Roses. Ultimately "Chinese Democracy" was a commercial failure.

Regardless of the quality of the new album, the VMAs are likely to receive a huge ratings boost from the announcement. It is also expected that Apple, who likely had advanced knowledge of the announcement, has reenforced their iTunes servers to handle the huge spike in download volume that is expected at midnight. Happy downloading!